215 N. First Avenue East, Duluth, MN 55802 

Historic Old Central High School, Third Street Entrance 

Area Learning Center/Unity High School:  218-336-8756, Fax 218-336-8770 

Adult Basic Education:  218-336-8790, Fax 218-336-8791

Educational Opportunities for Adults & Youth - It's never too late to learn!

ALC Diploma Completion Program gives learners the opportunity to complete their high school requirements and earn a diploma. Attendance-based and Independent Study programs are available.

ALC Dual Enrollment or Credit Recovery Program is offered to high school students ages 16 and older who have fallen behind their graduating class.

Dropout Recovery Program - For out of school youth, ages 16 - 24, DRP will help you drop back in. Options include high school, ALC diploma completion, GED study and testing, the city YES program, and more. Help with planning your next steps after graduation is also offered.

Adult Basic Education Program - For people ages 16 and older who are not enrolled in any other formal education program. Weekly enrollment in the programs listed below:

Basic Skills/Pre-Diploma or Pre-GED Skill Building - Develop reading, writing and math skills to the level you need to start a program of study for the GED exam or to earn a high school diploma.

Diploma Program for Adults - adults 21 and older who want to complete their high school credits and earn a diploma.

GED Preparation - The Adult Learning Center offers three different paths to preparing for the GED exam and is an Offiical Testing Center for the Duluth region. THE CURRENT GED EXAM WILL BE REPLACED IN JANUARY 2014 WITH A NEW COMPUTER-BASED TEST. If you have started testing but have not completed, you will lose your results at that time. NOW is the time to study and complete the exam!

English as a Second Language - Classes and tutoring are offered for immigrants and refugees with limited English skills. Citizenship preparation is included.

Brush up Skills for College or Work - Review skills needed to be successful in college or on the job. These skills may include math, reading, writing, study skills, or computer basics. Options include a monthly "computer skills for employment" class at the Duluth Workforce Center and a college skills-building class at Lake Superior College (see below).

Pathway to College Success - This 8-week class assists adult students with a GED or diploma to successfully transition into college. Class and open study lab meet fall, spring and summer terms at Lake Superior College.